Wine Tastings

All of our tastings are performed by our oenologists so you get to learn directly from the source, every during the winemaking process. Included is a tour of the winery and explanation of how each machine is used and then you are taken to our picturesque vineyards and finally our cava where the wine tasting is conducted.

We have a large variety of wine tasting packages to choose from:

Paparouna tasting
A wine tasting of our white, rose and red Paparouna series, best suited for large groups.
6 euro

Paparouna + Syrah Malbec
A wine tasting of our Paparouna series capped off with our excellent Syrah Malbec blend, suitable for red wine lovers.
8 euro

Five wine tasting
A wine tasting of our Paparouna series along with our Syrah Malbec and our five-year aged Assyrtiko, best suited for those that want something extra.
10 euro

Premium wine tasting
A wine tasting of the five wines mentioned above along with tasting of our premium wine currently aging in our French oak barrels. Suited for those that want the complete experience.
20 euro

Cheese platters are offered at 20 euro per platter, advised four people per platter.

There is a minimum charge of 40 euro per wine tasting booking.

Call us now at 70008373 or fill in the booking form to arrange your wine tasting session. Bookings online must be confirmed, so it is important to input your correct details so we can contact you regarding your booking.